Quick Conveyor was established to provide a low cost, high quality modular conveyor system. The design objective was to build a simple conveyor with the least number of parts that can be quickly installed using hand tools.

The heart of the system is the anodized aluminum extrusion used to support the standard LF879TAB-K3 1/4R tab chain. The chain runs on standard UHMW extruded wearstrips.

The advantages of the system compared to other similar conveyors are:
  • Conveyor is very price competitive.
  • All components are of high quality.
  • Drives are Sumitomo SM-Hyponic hollow shaft reducers. Numerous ratios are available to fit speed requirements.
  • Conveyor does not use a proprietary chain. The standard LF879TAB-K3 1/4R tabletop chain is readily available from numerous sources.
  • Chain can run through machines designed for standard 3.25 tabletop chain. Competitor's proprietary chains do not run through most machines.
  • Side of conveyor is a clean design with a concave indent but without dirt collecting slots.
  • Modules bolt together with two through bolts (one on each side of joint.) A 2" square tube plugs into extrusion to provide a rigid connection.
  • No drive belts or drive chain is required.
  • 8" radius drag free turns are available in: 90, 135, and 180 degree.
  • Legs have molded plastic feet and mounting blocks. Leg is 1 1/2" schedule 10 stainless steel pipe. Height is easily adjusted from 36" to 41" conveyor height. Shortening the standard leg or replacing with a longer pipe obtains heights outside of the standard range.
  • Conveyor is lightweight and can be easily supported from the ceiling.
  • Bearings are standard and available from any bearing supply.
  • Conveyors can be purchased with or without guide rails. Guide rails are industry standard UHMW plastic in a stainless steel sheath.
  • Legs can be located anywhere on a straight section. Drill two 3/8" diameter holes through conveyor and bolt leg on with two through bolts.
  • Drives, idles, and handpack stations can be field changed to opposite configurations.
  • Delivery is quicker since parts are stocked and shipped via UPS.

Please email, call or fax Quick Conveyor with any application questions.